Swag Story

Disillusioned with a world filled with boring basics and uncool undies, a group of friends in Los Angeles set out to reinvent the idea of underwear from the question: “What kind of underwear did pirates wear?”  The answer, of course, was that pirates go commando.  After about a week the realization hit them that, if they wanted to pay their bills in the underwear business, recommending everyone ‘go commando’ was probably not the best course of action.  With that said, they delved into the pirate spirit: a life of adventure, freedom, and all that pirate booty that comes along with it.  Through this line of thinking, they developed a brand focused around the world’s most comfortable fabric, infused with features and benefits that afford the wearer the ultimate freedom of mobility no matter what adventure they face, and, in the rebellious spirit of piracy, each print pattern bold and imbued with original character.  Alas, Swag: Pirate Life Not Basics was born.  These undies are anything but basic.

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